Engaging visitors on websites using automated chatbots

This has been the goal of Collect.chat, since 2017.

Collect.chat provides a platform where anybody can build a chatbot using simple drag & drop sentence templates. These bots will be installed by simple copy-paste method and will be available 24x7. Whenever a visitor response is recorded, instant email notifications will be sent to our customers.

We provide options to create the chatbot in multiple languages. Users can target the chatbot to open at the right time and at the right place. They can track the chatbot conversations and integrate the data to any marketing tool they use. We have built in visualization tools for our users to see how their customers are responding to the chatbot. This will help them understand the nature of their customers and their requirements. This crucial piece of information will enable Collect.chat's users to improve their business offerings.

Why we built Collect.chat?

Data collection is a problem that forms has been trying to solve for ages. They have done a great job at it too. Unfortunately, forms don't work anymore. Forms, only work in scenarios where a customer must share their data.

This is where new interfaces with fresher user experience can help. Tools like automated chatbots appeal to a user better than forms. Their conversational approach leaves a clean impression as well as extracts the necessary data.

We provide an opportunity for users to test new waters.

Sign up and create a chatbot today to see how chatbots can improve your data collection workflow.

Words from our Customers

Collect.chat has been super useful for us and we have certainly seen a growth in our subscriptions per month. With the contribution of this widget, we have even seen an average 30% increase in the total monthly subscriptions.

Evi Katsoulieri

Marketer, GrowthRocks

The templates are amazing. Very easy to setup and very powerful. Its a great services that its the equivalent of having a 24/7 employee that does a great onboarding experience for your prospects.

Victor Bustillos

Founder, Webjoy.co

Chatbot worked like magic, Increased Yatramantra's conversion to 3 times
and significantly reduced the cost of agents, who used to ask the same questions to every customer.

Saran Kumar

CTO, Yatramantra