Unlock the Power of Website Chatbots: The Ultimate Lead Generation Magnet

It’s the dream of every Growth Hacker and Marketer to set up a fool-proof system that will guarantee an influx of leads from their website. And no, we will not be talking about Facebook bots or Messenger bots. Our area of focus is websites.

Unlock the Power of Website Chatbots: The Ultimate Lead Generation Magnet

It’s the dream of every Growth Hacker and Marketer to set up a fool-proof system that will guarantee an influx of leads from their website. This is what we will discuss in this article. And no, we will not be talking about Facebook bots or Messenger bots. They are in a league of their own. Our area of focus is websites – the most crucial part of your online business. The place where everyone learns what you offer and how they can take the next step towards your offering.

If you are a Growth Marketing Professional, then you spent a lot of time and money on social media campaigns, sponsored posts, SEO and other marketing practices. All with the intention that people will take notice of your business. And sure, interested people respond, and they arrive at your website, but how many of them actually convert to customers? Many of them leave without making a final decision about your product, and then they end up forgetting about you.

You need to have a lead magnet in place to convert these interested potential customers into ‘leads,’ i.e. to get their contact information – so that you can start talking to them, give them a clear picture of your services and see if it satisfies their need. Or at least be able to send your leads emails, to make sure that you and your services are not forgotten!

Traditional methods of Lead Generation and Why they fail?

So what are the methods that you have been using till date? Traditional lead generators include fill-up forms or pop-up boxes. Let’s admit it, they are either too annoying or too dull. It almost feels like a chore to fill up those forms.  By the time your users reach the middle of the form, they get disturbed and move on. Many forms also require users to fill in some form of Captcha, adding more barriers to the collection of data.

And there are the infamous pop-ups. Did you know that the man behind the pop-up ads apologized to the whole world for inventing them? When pop-ups appear in the middle of a browsing session or as the user is reading an article, it creates a lot of irritation. In the end, it merely drives users away from your website. Both of these methods do not produce the desired lead conversion.

What’s the Solution?

Until recent times, marketers didn’t have much of choice apart from forms or pop-ups. But now they do!

What if you had a tiny widget on your site that reached out to your visitors proactively? It can ask your customers the questions that you program it to. This widget will discover who your visitors are and what their requirements are. This is exactly what we do at Collect.chat. We allow you to create a chatbot widget for your website. You can start from scratch or use our ready-made templates.

This is not a new concept. People chat on their smartphones day-in-day-out. There are over three billion users in leading messaging apps. Without any doubt, chat is becoming a favourable mode of communication even for businesses. Users are 3X more likely to interact with a website when you reach out with a proactive chat. You can reduce your bounce rates and increase your page sessions very quickly. Our customers at Collect.chat see 30% increase in the leads they collect on average. Some have even reported an increase of 100%.

Chatbots for Lead Generation – Video duration – 43 sec

What difference do Chatbots bring?

Website chatbots totally enhance your customer experience. The remarkable feature about our Collect.chat chatbot is that it almost resembles the virtual version of that friendly salesperson, full of energy, waiting to help your customers out. They take the conversational approach to interaction. People love conversations and this what makes them tick.

In addition to getting to know who your visitors are, these chatbots can be customised for assisting your customer with their purchase, taking bookings from them, collecting feedbacks, understanding their purpose, to collecting any sort of data for that matter. They can be applied across industries for different functionalities. Let’s see some of them that have obtained better results by using chatbots.

  • Travel and Tourism – Use these chatbots to know the travel details of your customer – like the number of people, date of stay,  budget expectations and more. Click here to see an example.
  • Real Estate – If you are in the Real Estate market, you definitely need to chatbots. Your business thrives on the ability to get hot leads. If your sales agents can learn about the customer requirements before making their call, it would tremendously increase the chances of conversion. Click here to see an example.
  • Medical and Hospitality – Chatbots have multiple applications in this industry, from taking bookings, taking feedback of your service, getting a pre-medical assessment and more. Click here to see an example.
  • Consulting Services – They can be used in any type of consulting service, to understand the requirements of the service required by the customer and guide them accordingly. Click here to see some examples.
  • Any Lead Driven Business – As we have been saying throughout this article, chatbots are an excellent means to get leads for any business that needs leads to survive.

So how to make one?

Your First Chatbot – Video duration – 2 min 23 sec

It’s all about the creating the right conversation through drag and drop. No coding knowledge or developer is required to do this job. You can use this chatbot in three ways.

  • Use it as a widget on the site – perfect for visitor engagement and lead collection.
  • It can be shared using a unique URL – perfect for conversational surveys, social campaigns, email campaigns, SMS campaigns.
  • It can be embedded on the website – perfect to make certain parts of the site more appealing like blogs, event promotions, etc.

And there is more!

Now that you can create a chatbot and collect the data, you can send this leads and associated information to any third-party tool or web app you want.

If you need more help in this matter, there is an excellent community, ready to help you out! All you have to do is ask.

So now it’s up to you. Have a look around at what you can do with Collect.chat. Make a few chatbots, share it with the community, get the feedback and see what impact it makes on your lead creation process. It’s time to make your websites more conversational and engaging.

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