This Design Agency was able to increase conversion rates using’s web bot. How much increase did they get? A hundred percent! What’s their story?

Their Story

In a crowded world of agencies and freelancers doing web development and digital marketing, Dezvolta is an agency focused on result-oriented solutions that aren’t just for helping businesses grow faster, but smarter, helping anything from solopreneurs to startups reach the audience they’re looking to attract. Dezvolta helps businesses with digital strategy, web development, branding, and eCommerce web development.

Based in India, boasting 2 office locations, and a 100% client retention rate, Dezvolta is always looking to capture new clients and make it as easy as possible for new leads to quickly and painlessly understand what they may be getting out of their experience with Dezvolta and how it can greatly benefit their business.

Lead capturing has become so easy, no one has used our contact-us page form in the past one month. All leads are generated through I am using instead of other chat software because its highly interactive, fully automated & conversion rate is 100% better.
Ananda Kannan P, Founder & CEO of Dezvolta

The most powerful tool for a digital agency is their website, and that’s where most of the conversion will happen for Dezvolta, but it can always be challenging to really get potential prospects to navigate around the website or spend time crafting an email to really reach out and learn more about the services that Dezvolta offers.

Their Pain Point

For an agency, getting more leads and clients is almost always a challenge, and getting clients to actually fill out a form or send an email doesn’t always yield great results. The team at Dezvolta tried to use a live chat tool to potentially get clients to open the chat box and start a discussion. Clients could talk to a team member about the types of offerings made by Dezvolta and their prices. However, they discovered that this method leads to a dead end. There was zero output and no benefit came from this method of lead generation.

The challenge was not just keeping up with the continuous requests, but also being around to answer every single one of them in-depth, and to reply with all the details requested by the client. Often than not, missing a chat request meant never hearing from that potential lead again, and this ended up being really, really frustrating for Dezvolta. Their business heavily depends on getting new leads to work with.

The Change

Last year, Dezvolta found through Product Hunt. Intrigued by the design and the conversational interface, they tried it out on their site as an experiment. The results were instant. They started to get daily responses from the chatbot. It was a sign that the conversational experience was working. In a month, not a single form submission went to the contact page because’s web bot was able to capture all the visitor needs and fetch their contact details.

For Dezvolta, this new solution for Lead Collection was kicking off nicely. They literally found the conversions rate increasing by a 100% compared to their earlier tools. The best part of all this was that the team at Dezvolta only took about 10 minutes to make and deploy the bot on their site. They made sure that the conversations in the bot were crisp, to the point, sales-focused and ready to capture leads.

About the agency

Dezvolta is a result-oriented digital marketing agency focused on growing businesses—smarter, better and faster. They help corporates, small businesses, start-ups, and solopreneurs effectively reach their target audience, strike a memorable connection, build trust, and increase sales online.