The Secret to Increasing Conversions for any Landing Page

The Secret to Increasing Conversions for any Landing Page

For websites around the world, making sure people visit their site is not necessarily a problem, but converting the visitors by making them take action is difficult. This is where landing pages come into effect. Landing pages are known to have a high conversion rate, but using chatbots as landing pages have proven to be more effective, which is why a study says that more than 80% brands will be using chatbots for customer interaction by 2020.

A landing page is a webpage which is used for the purpose of a marketing campaign. When a user clicks on an ad or a post of yours, you want them directed to this:

a landing page example

Call it a destination page if you want, it is a page where website visitors land when they reach your site from different sources.

There is only one focus for which a landing page is used - CTA. Abbreviated as Call to Action, the purpose of a landing page is to convert people as either subscribers to your email newsletter or lead capture using a CTA button. In fact, a chatbot workflow is in such a way that it guides the user on getting basic information about the products, how the products are delivered, benefits of using the products, including showing them the next set of steps that they can take.

How is a landing page different from a web page? It is different from other pages because it allows you to capture the information of visitors, usually their email ID (along with their names of course). Also, there are no distractions since your visitors can get to know everything that they want to from a single point. And having a chatbot on your landing page is the best way to increase conversion rates because of the focused-experience that it gives to its visitors. If you don't believe us, you can see the results for yourself.

Why is a Landing Page so Important?

After clicking on your offer (usually an ad), if your customer is not redirected to a landing page which shows the next step of action to take, like passing information or asking to make a purchase, you tend to lose out on a lot. Since you have paid a lot of money for these online ads, it becomes imperative that you convert these leads so that you can nurture them and finally bring into your fold as a paying customer.

While the conversion rate of a landing page has been quite high when compared with a regular web page, it helps to observe that customers these days are bombarded with landing pages thus rendering it difficult to capture the undivided attention of your customers which does require a magic wand at times. This is where chatbots have been a life saver which when used as an alternative to web forms, you can not only make lead capture a breeze, but you can also improve conversion rates and increase your engagement.

While it might look like a significant business process shift to stop using lead forms and instead use chatbots, it is not. Setting up a chatbot is extremely simple and it does not even need coding experience and can be done in a few minutes if you find out the right tool to use. Let us reiterate this for you, there is no need to change your current workflow at all. It can stay the same, the bot replaces the form while the rest works as it did earlier.

A landing page helps drive your brand name among potential customers, improves SEO, drives traffic to your website and helps introduce viewers to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media handles. Landing page is critical when you are launching a product or service as it becomes essential to create a buzz around your offer. A pre-launch landing page can be the soul to your marketing efforts by helping you collect a lot of email subscribers.

Chatbots vs Humans, what works better?

Zion Market Research’s latest report says that the global chatbot market is expected to reach 2,166.8 million USD by 2024. This is because people who are comfortable with technology would rather use such options as the results are quick and there is no hassle which is not the case when you deal with human beings. One more reason why people prefer chatbots over humans is that there are no wait times.

Imagine a far-fetched scenario like this, each potential customer has to wait for a live chat executive before they can pass their contact details and get any other information on the chatbot- based landing page. This is not an ideal situation at all. Chatbots render such scenarios null with its varied set of features and functionalities.

Let's see two simple steps to use chatbots effectively on for increasing landing page conversions.

  • Use chatbots as a welcome widget to greet all of your customers. This is the goto method for visitor engagement and learning what your users are after. Users can choose to close the widget after the conversation is done and go through the remaining landing page at their own pace.
  • The second method might sound bold, but you can be assured that it gives you guaranteed results. Forget about the hassle of making a landing page, hiring a designer, a copywriter or even buying a template. Make the landing page content entirely on the chatbot. In fact, you can use it to send across your message correctly and even ratify if your ad campaigns are targeted towards the right audience. Not only does this step give you instant feedback, but you also get to convert the leads much more comfortable as well.

Statistics on chatbots that show its importance and prevalence

  • The average conversion rate of a landing page is 2-3% while it is 3-4x for a chatbot-based landing page
  • A Connecting with Consumers’ report says that more than 83% of online shoppers require assistance to complete a purchase. In such a scenario, chatbots can provide support like a sales-person in a retail store. In fact, you can direct the customers directly to a chatbot landing page where they can make their purchase decision, browse products, check out prices and more from there itself.
  • Research from InsideSales says that if you respond to a lead after 5 minutes, there’s a 10x decrease in getting in touch with that lead.
  • State of Chatbots 2018 research says that consumers feel chatbots are 35% better at addressing customer issues and questions

What are the added benefits of having Chatbots on Landing Pages?

Increase in user engagement: Using a chatbot to get information from a customer is an entertaining affair as the average customer would be intrigued at how automatic answers spit out based on inputs from them. It helps your customer to get all information without having to get on a call with a CS executive. It keeps them hooked too, something that a customer service executive might not necessarily be able to do. This not only helps increase the conversion rate, but the customer gets to know your offerings better.

Better lead nurturing: Businesses can use the information that chatbots collect about the customer and use personalized messaging to help customers along the ‘buyer’s journey’. Chatbots help generates higher conversion rates by making sure the conversation is steered in the right direction.

You can also narrow down on your customers (read save time by disallowing leads that don’t match) by using chatbots to identify relevant KPIs like budget, resources, timeline, project size and so on of the customer. It is important that you word it well lest you annoy the customers, use A/B testing to see how different copies work.

Personalized communication with the user: As we have been bearing witness, the digital marketing space is getting constricted with each passing day. Users are immune to ‘hacks’ that most businesses employ, which is why the need to create something that is personalized becomes all the more important to clear the clutter. With chatbots, you can also interact with customers based on where they are coming from. This kind of personalization can help make the conversation as interactive and useful for the customer as possible by asking relevant questions.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors: With every business latching on to the landing page bandwagon, it is necessary that you need to stand out from your competitors with a different and attractive offer. You can provide incredible offers on your chatbot to your visitors and even educate them about your product. Using a vanilla landing page might just help with capturing lead information, but using a chatbot page allows you to do so much more, a clear-cut differentiation that customers will love because of the benefits associated with it.

Advanced customer interaction: A chatbot as a landing page can do so many things that a landing page cannot even think of. A chatbot landing page does not facilitate passive customer interaction, it completely takes hold of the entire conversation and directs the customer to talk about any issue that is relevant to them. The best thing about chatbots as a landing page is that you can even direct them to your social media handles which you can use to build an online community for your customers. All of this will make the customer feel as if you are many notches ahead of your competitors when it comes to serving them.

Conversational interface: Trust us when we say that a customer is not at all expecting to enter into a conversation when they end up on your landing page. With a chatbot’s unique conversational interface, the customer is able to choose his way through the conversation. This helps with qualification of the lead for the business while the customer is also given as much information as possible from a single point of contact without having to go to different pages of the website. When information is provided under the request of the user, there is little distraction for them, thus helping in better user engagement.


Chatbots can change the way you work with landing pages and the way customers perceive your brand. A survey by Facebook says that customers are 50% more likely to buy from a brand after chatting with them, let it be with a CS executive or a machine.

Most brands do not have the resources and budget to employ multiple people who can chat with their customers to solve their queries. This is where chatbots play a super important role by eliminating overheads, being able to respond to many customers simultaneously, and capture lead information and so on. As a landing page, chatbots are the ultimate tool that can change your game completely. They can track consumer behaviour by monitoring the data of the users, segment them and more.

Remember that the technology is still new although its adoption has been rapid, the tool is only going to get more powerful over the days. You should understand that the best chatbots are still being made, and when it happens, it is going to change the entire gamut of landing pages including its perception and functionality. Take advantage of the platform and use it to the fullest so that when you have more highly functional chatbots in existence, you can make full use of it. - Interactive chatbot for website

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