10 Chatbot Examples that you can use for Free

Have a look at 10 ready-made examples of chatbots that you can use for your website. Each one has been tailor-made to suit your domain and audience.

10 Chatbot Examples that you can use for Free

Over at Collect.chat we ship chatbots. You can also call them conversational agents. We developed the platform with the aim to help anyone make a chatbot through simple drag and drop messages. After launching the product, the first thing we did was to create a Quick Start video to help users navigate the dashboard. That was coupled with a series of help docs and mini video tutorials.

Things went well. Most users were able to make chatbots in less than 30 minutes and deploy them to their websites. All it took was a copy-paste of the snippet code. Then we wanted to see what sort of chatbots our users created. Just a natural curiosity! This is where things started to get interesting.

Inside our team, we had discussed all the possible ways users can structure the conversation. How small changes can create a huge impact on the conversation and increase the output and more. We expected our users to pick up the cues naturally and make them as beautiful as possible. These expectations went south. To put it simply, not all our users had that brilliant imagination that we expected them to have.

But this was expected. After all, chatbots were new in the market. Most of them had heard of them, but only a handful had interacted with actual chatbots to understand to nuances of what makes a great conversation. Scripting a conversation is still an art in itself. This realisation led us to make templates for our customers. We took domain by domain; figured out the pain points and tailor-made chatbots using our platform to solve their problems. Plus we made it so that anyone can use it out-of-the-box.

An example is more powerful than precept.
- Aesops

This is an old proverb and very true to our times. Giving out a lot of advice or material on how to build a conversational agent is not very helpful. This is why I am sharing these examples to give you an idea of what is possible using Collect.chat. We will be looking at chatbot examples in the following domains:

Make your Education portals more interactive

When you run an educational institution, you are going to have a lot of inquiries from concerned parents and students on the courses you provide, the fees you charge and more. The questions are always the same. They have a repetitive nature and most of them do not bother visiting the FAQ section to get the answers. Information must be made available in an instant and if the bot cannot answer their queries, you are notified of the same via email and you can follow up the conversation from your inbox.

Grab this chatbot from here.

If you are a Startup, you can't miss a single lead

Setting up a website is the first thing you do when you are launching a startup of your own. Then you spend your dime on marketing to bring in a lot of traffic. It may be Google ads or Facebook marketing or cold-email campaigns. All your focus goes to getting the word out about your product or service. But what happens when a prospect actually visits your website. A majority of your traffic leaves the website without taking any action. This where you need to up your game. Having a proactive chatbot can change things around.

Grab this chatbot from here.

Learn what your Real-estate prospects are looking for

Real-estate is a tough business. Only the fiercest can survive and you to pull in all your arsenal, if you are hoping to make some conversions. The first step is to impress the customer and understand what they are looking for in a humane manner. That's exactly what this chatbot is trying to do. It gives you a glimpse into what type of buyers, you are attracting and what in particular they are looking for. Every agent has their niche. This bot will act as your assistant to help you understand and improve your opportunities.

Grab this chatbot from here.

Do a Pre-consultation to save you time

Every single visitor on the site can be a potential customer. And you won't like just to sit there and watch the opportunity pass by, would you? If you are in the consulting or service industry, you know how true this can be. Time is of the essence in this sector. You need to be able to interact with all your visitors and grab the data to figure out if your offering is a match for their problems. But how can you do it at scale? Having a chatbot to do the pre-consultation can save you many hours of work and get you the right leads at the right time.

Grab this bot from here.

Make it easy for Customers to reach you

As a bank or financial organisation, you may be offering multiple services. Each one will have its own internal department. Not all services can be automated. However, when it comes to learning what a particular user is looking for, the chatbot can come to your aid. In the above example, we are showing an insurance assistant that can cater to the need of someone who is looking for an insurance or assist someone who already has booked a scheme with you. This automation helps you to direct all genuine queries to your the concerned department right away. The same strategy can be applied across other services you offer.

Grab this bot from here.

Make Dining the best experience possible

The first impression matters, especially in the Hotel and Restaurant business. From the moment someone enters your hotel until they leave your premises, you have to ensure that they get the best possible service. This gives you repeating business. How can you give your users the same experience online? Giving them a form to order from may work to get the job done. If you were to replace those boring forms with a chatbot like the above you can make it aesthetically more pleasing and enjoyable. When customers love how you treat them, they will definitely make the recommendations to your place.

Grab this bot from here.

Be ready to greet your Visitors 24x7

"To travel is to live", this is the expectation with which travellers approach a travel service like yours. The old times were good when travellers could actually connect with a person, who would then explain the marvels that they could see on the trip. But times have changed. With the bulk of inquiries coming in, it is not humanly possible to answer every call. So what do you do? Use a travel booking tool like the one above. This will ask when they are coming, how many are coming, ask about their expectations and hand them over to you. Now all you got to do is hand over the right promotional material to these aspiring travellers.

Grab this bot from here.

Filter-out the finest Candidate for the job

When you post the availability of job, you get a ton of applications. Going through the resume of each one is hard. You can solve step one of hiring through this bot and save a lot of time. Do a prescreening of candidates who are interested. Ask them the right questions before you decide to call them. Filter through the submissions from the chatbot to understand who would be the right match for your organisation. Now you won't have to rely on a single page resume to make your decisions.

Grab this bot from here.

Add a lead magnet to your Digital presence

Digital marketing is a vast field and as a marketer, it is important to show your experience in your domain. It takes more than a portfolio to convince your prospects. Well, that's where you can use a chatbot like ours. Make your website more conversational and make every visitor feel he/she is welcomed. Get to know their pain points and give away content that might solve their issues. Route the data to your digital tools and gather as much data as possible on the visitor that you just had. Re-engage them using email campaigns and ads. Once you get their contact details, 50% of the work is done.

Grab this bot from here.

Accepting Donation should be a memorable experience

"If you ask nicely, you may get it", This is how it is in the world of charity. People are good at heart, by default, but you need to know "how-to-ask" to get them to spend their money. The chatbot in this example is trying to do that. It's sending a clear message about what the issue is and how someone can help those in need. This is more powerful than a random phone call to ask for a donation. You can also use chatbots to ask for volunteers at Non-Profits or NGOs. Ditch those static forms, be more human using our conversational chatbots.

Grab this bot from here.

I hope with these 10 examples, you get an inspiration to make a chatbot of your own. If you need more, you can visit our templates page.

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