Case Study: Using Interactive Chatbots for Successful Lead Generation

Nick from Elite LASIK Marketing, shares his story on how used the chatbots to build interactive quizzes to get more leads for his clients and automate the entire process

Case Study: Using Interactive Chatbots for Successful Lead Generation

One of the most underrated ways to capture leads is interactive quizzes. There are a couple of reasons why quizzes give you guaranteed results. People have an innate desire to test their knowledge and also compare themselves with what others know. It is also interesting that users would like always to share the results of the quiz that they had with others. This gives you an opportunity to extend the range of your marketing efforts for free. When you design a questionnaire or a conversation you can segment your users depending on how they interact. You get an insight on to what kind of customers or clients are interested in your product. Accordingly, you can make modifications to your marketing messages.

But yet, they are not explored in great detail. Let's see how you can get some results.

The Three Phases

In every business, there are three phases in a customer journey.

First, there is the Discovery phase. At this stage the potential customer has is showing specific symptoms of a problem they are facing and you have the cure. They start searching for a particular product or a service, and your business qualifies for this. This is where you spend money on marketing and make these customers aware that your business solution is the right match for the problem that they are having.

Then comes the Shortlisting face. At this moment the customer has realised that they need some help to solve the problem. They start doing their research on what are the options that are available for them. In this phase, it is your responsibility to convince the customer that you are the right choice.

Finally, you have the Delivery phase. This is where are you have to bring the customer over, onboard them and give them a satisfying experience. From start to finish, you have to provide them with the best you have to offer and make sure either they come back or refer future customers for you.

In each of these phases, you can use an interactive approach to educate the customer and win them over. You could design a conversation that catches their interest during the discovery phase and decides if the client is the right match for your product or service. Moving on into the shortlisting phase, again you can design another automated conversation to convince them why you are service excels over the others.  Also, after you have delivered your service, you can ask for their feedbacks using the same strategy. One tool, but multiple ways to use it to your advantage!

Customer Story

Nick Sudhaus from Convo360, has been using interactive quizzes to capture late from his website in this article we are going to say the strategies that he adopted. LASIK surgery is a form of surgical procedure that corrects eye-vision through laser treatment. This is a form of medical treatment which is not covered by medical insurance in the US. Hence it is considered as an optional treatment and customers will have to pay it out of their pocket.

Many users look forward to this treatment. Also, there are plenty of professional LASIK centres that provide the same service. However, these LASIK centres have a tough time getting customers and convincing them that this safety and cost-effectiveness of the procedure. Customers are attracted to this because it keeps them free of but cancers and spectacles. It restores their natural vision and gives them much self-confidence. That's is where Nick comes in and helps out.

Nick uses the chatbots of and prepares a questionnaire which essentially interacts with the user online. Nick creates a "Save Money" calculator using our chatbots. Then he sends out the chatbot to whoever is interested in the procedure. Once the user has a conversation with the chatbot they will only see the results, which is the amount of money that they will be saving, by providing their phone number or email address. That there is the catch. This method has proved to be a highly effective method to consistently supply a stream of leads for his clients.

Why Interactive Conversations?

Earlier Nick used to run many email campaigns and also run SMS campaigns to a general audience. He did not find them to be very fruitful. He also observed that these LASIK centres did not have enough staff to respond to incoming queries. That's when he decided that he must use a virtual assistant to solve this problem. He also noticed that if there is a delay in responding to an enquiry from the customer, then the chances of that lead going cold is very high. With the chatbots from, Nick was able to provide quick answers to all the enquiries that were coming in. The chatbot struck a good balance between grabbing the attention of the user on the website and not being intrusive at the same time. Compared to the pop-up or overlay methods for email capture,  he found that the user experience was more pleasant and engaging.

The chatbot did three things for Nick.

  1. It caught the attention of a potential client and engaged them.
  2. After the client starts the conversation with the chatbot and the bot is able to learn their issues and ask for their contact information.
  3. Then this lead is filtered out by the chatbot and sent to Nick's team. They, in turn, will manage the consultation between the client and the LASIK centre.

Through the use of these interactive conversations, Nick has seen an increase of about 20 percentage in his overall revenue. He further goes on to say:

We switched from Typeform to as our primary lead generation tool since the implementation is not only more user-friendly, but we can achieve higher conversion rates as well.

- Nick

So if you want to achieve the same results with quizzes and interactive conversations, then try making one today with our chatbots. It's time to #BeConversational - Interactive chatbot for website

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